Executive Solo Ads! EN, MLSP, BIM, MOBE etc accepted

Who would you rather buy solos from? Someone who just makes money from selling solos? 

or someone just like you, who uses solo ads for his own business daily.

As a daily solo ad buyer myself, I know your concerns. I know what you worry about when you're placing a solo.

And I make sure you're taken care of and treated professionally.

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 I know what you’re looking for and I also know what works. 

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First Time Buyer? Contact me (osahon@37incomestreams.com) for special discount pricing 

I accept orders for EN,MLSP,MOBE,DCSX,BIM
(Build Your Own  Unique Squeeze Pages For Best results, Use This Free Tool )


1. Select your preferred traffic volume

100 CLICKS FOR $50.00
200 CLICKS FOR $97.00

300 CLICKS FOR $145.00

500 CLICKS FOR $245.00
1000 CLICKS FOR $490.00


2. Send an email with your link

Got questions? Hola at me hereOsahon@37incomestreams.com


What kind of offers do you accept?
All quality IM niche offers only. I recommend having a squeeze page so you capture your leads and follow up. Sending directly to a sales offer gets lower conversions.

How was this list built?
Media buys, PPC, High quality solo ads

What is the makeup of your list?
60-70% Tier 1 countries (US/UK/AUS/CAN/IRE/NZ)

Do you accept the popular IM/MMO, MLM programs?
Yes. For best results, use your own unique squeeze page.

How long does it take to get all of my clicks?
All clicks will delivered within  24-72 hours  of scheduled send date depending  on the number of clicks purchased.

Do I need my own swipe?
I generally use my own swipe.

How will I know I got my clicks?
All ordered clicks are tracked. Once delivery is complete, you will get a solo completion summary report.

I’m new to this, how many clicks should I order?
My recommendation is to always start with 100 clicks then scale upwards based on results. I’m more interested in you getting the leads you need than just making money from you. So test first.

Anything I need to check before placing my order?
Please test your landing page and make sure it actually works. Optin to the page yourself and see if you’re added to your autoresponder.

Do you you provide refunds?
This is a service, so all orders are final once they’ve been placed. Refunds will only be issued for orders I deem inappropriate for my list.

Special Customers Only Bonus

Once you order is completed, you can get access to special 1 on 1 session to discuss how to take your business to the next level.

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Contact Info:
skype: osahonsam
E-mail: osahon@37incomestreams.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/urubusi
Contact me with any questions you have.

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